Gasthof Brückenwirt

Digital menu


  • Clear beef broth

    with fine dumplings, pancakes or baked peas

  • Tyrolean bacon dumpling soup
  • Ötztal cheese dumpling soup
  • Fine garlic cream soup

    with brown bread croutons

  • Tomato soup

    with upper hood

  • French onion soup

    topped with cheese

  • Viennese soup pot

    with beef, fine noodles & vegetables


  • Appetizer plate (for 2 people)

    Tomato buffalo mozzarella, carpaccio, Parma ham, feta cheese wrapped in bacon with garlic bread

  • 4 king prawns (without shell)

    baked with peppers, onions & herb butter

  • Marinated Beef (Carpaccio)

    on balsamic dressing & fresh Parmesan

  • Buffalo mozzarella

    with tomato slices, balsamic vinegar & olive oil

  • Roman snails

    baked with fine herb butter & cheese

  • Garlic bread

    with homemade herb butter

  • Classic beef tartare

    from local cattle


  • Various leaf salads with 4 king prawns

    with garlic bread

  • Colorful leaf salad & fried strips of beef fillet

    with cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings & garlic bread

  • Capriciosa salad

    Various leaf salads with tuna, onions, olives, peppers, boiled eggs and tomatoes, with garlic bread

  • Grilled or baked turkey strips

    on various salads with garlic bread

  • Greek Salad

    with cucumber, tomatoes, onions, olives, lettuce, garlic & sheep's cheese, with garlic bread

  • Ötztal farmer's salad

    with bacon, potatoes & egg, plus garlic bread

  • Mixed salad bowl
  • Side salad

From the pig

  • Juicy pork steak from the grill

    in a spicy pepper cream sauce with roasted potatoes

  • Jägerschnitzel (nature)

    with mushrooms, onions & bacon, with bread dumplings

  • Cordon Bleu

    with French fries

  • Cream schnitzel

    with homemade egg spaetzle & vegetable bouquet

  • Brückenwirtschnitzel (nature from the grill)

    filled with mushrooms, herbs & garlic butter, served with baked potatoes & vegetable bouquet

  • Fitness plate

    Pork loin on toast with a large salad garnish

  • Baked pork schnitzel

    with French fries

From the beef

  • Cordon Bleu from milk calf

    with Ötztal lingonberries & parsley potatoes

  • Wiener Schnitzel

    from the pan with french fries

  • Cutlet

    in a fine cream sauce with mushrooms & egg spaetzle

  • Chateaubriand (from 2 people)

    double fillet of beef from the middle with french fries potato pastry, vegetable bouquet & mixed salad

  • Our well-known pepper steak from beef fillet

    in pepper cream sauce, French fries & bacon beans

  • Rumpsteak

    with herb butter & homemade potato wedges

  • Wiener Zwiebelrostbraten

    with roasted onions & roasted potatoes

  • Beef fillet steak sandwiches

    with sauces, herb butter & large salad garnish


  • turkey escalope

    filled with spinach & feta cheese on a light cream sauce with potato pastries

  • "House style" linguini

    Fine noodles in a light paprika cream sauce with turkey, cherry tomatoes, rocket and Parmesan

  • Capriciosa salad

    Various leaf salads with tuna, onions, olives

  • Turkey slices

    freshly prepared in curry cream sauce with grilled fruits, baked banana & linguini

  • Our well-known pepper steak from beef fillet

    in pepper cream sauce, French fries & bacon beans

  • Rumpsteak

    with herb butter & homemade potato wedges

  • Wiener Zwiebelrostbraten

    with roasted onions & roasted potatoes

  • Beef fillet steak sandwiches

    with sauces, herb butter & large salad garnish

Mixed from the grill

  • House platter "bridge landlord" (from 2 people) per person

    Grilled & baked beef, pork & veal with French fries, wedges, vegetables & mixed salad

  • Mixed grill plate

    with herb butter, French fries, vegetables & corn on the cob

  • Surf & Turf beef fillet & king prawns

    on lime-garlic sauce, jacket potatoes, sour cream, grilled corn on the cob & herb butter


  • 6 king prawns

    on spaghetti aglio e olio con pepperoncini

  • Fried zander fillet

    with hot herb butter & parsley potatoes

  • Fried plaice fillet

    on white wine leek sauce with herbal linguini

  • Baked cod

    with herb sauce & boiled potatoes


  • Kaiserschmarn

    with cranberries & applesauce

  • Palatschinken

    with ice cream, raspberry, blueberry, chocolate or lingonberry sauce

  • Homemade apple strudel

    without cream

  • Homemade apple strudel

    with cream

  • Homemade apple strudel

    with vanilla sauce

  • Homemade apple strudel

    with ice cream & cream

  • Banana frappe

    with eggnog

  • Triple ice cream brullee
  • Homemade ice cream parfait

Selected ice cream variations & cakes can be found on our daily menu


Choose your pasta:

Linguine I spaghetti I penne rigate

  • Carbonara

    with bacon, cream, egg

  • Bolognese


  • Diavolo (spicy)

    with spicy salami, tomatoes, cream, garlic, chili

  • Shepherd

    with bacon, mushrooms, peppers, cheese, meat sauce

  • Della Casa

    with tomatoes, bell pepper, turkey, rocket, parmesan

  • Lasagna (freshly made)


  • Arrabiatta (spicy)

    with spicy tomato sauce

  • Pesto Verde


  • Luigi

    with feta, spinach, cherry tomatoes

  • Pomodoro

    with tomato sauce

  • Aglio e olio con Peperoncini (spicy)


  • Crema di funghi

    with mushrooms, onions, cream

Additional toppings:

  • Turkey meat 100g
  • Beef 100g
  • King prawns per piece


  • Fondue "Bourgignone" (from 2 people) per person

    Oil fondue with tender beef fillet cubes, with various sauces, French fries, mixed salad and toast

  • Fondue "Chinoise" (from 2 people) per person

    Broth fondue with beef, turkey, pork fillet slices, king prawns, various sauces, French fries, mixed salad & toast

  • Pork knuckle (from 2 people)

    Crispy fried in natural sauce Bread dumplings & sauerkraut

  • Pork rib plan

    Seasoned with lots of garlic, two kinds of dip & garlic bread


  • Margherita

    with tomatoes, cheese & oregano

  • Hawaii

    with tomatoes, cheese, ham, pineapple & oregano

  • Prosciutto

    with tomatoes, cheese, ham & oregano

  • Salami

    with tomatoes, cheese, salami & oregano

  • Diavolo (scharf!)

    with tomatoes, cheese, hot salami, pepperoni & oregano

  • Spinaci

    with tomatoes, cheese, spinach, garlic & oregano

  • Frutti di Mare

    with tomatoes, cheese, seafood, garlic & oregano

  • Verdure

    with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, artichokes, vegetables, garlic & oregano

  • Capriciosa

    with tomatoes, cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms, artichokes, olives & oregano

  • Tonno

    with tomatoes, cheese, tuna, onions & oregano

  • Quattro Formaggi

    with tomatoes, various cheeses, olives, mushrooms & oregano

  • Milano

    with tomatoes, cheese, salami, ham & oregano

  • Hauspizza

    with tomatoes, cheese, smoked bacon, gorgonzola, onion & oregano

  • Quattro Stagioni

    with tomatoes, cheese, mussels, artichokes, ham, mushrooms & oregano

  • Funghi

    with tomatoes, cheese, fresh mushrooms & oregano

  • Bärenpizza (scharf!)

    with tomatoes, cheese, bacon, garlic & oregano

  • Gamberi

    with tomatoes, cheese, shrimp, garlic & oregano

  • Gigante

    with tomatoes, cheese, ham, salami, tuna, fresh mushrooms, onions & oregano

  • Bauernpizza

    with tomatoes, cheese, bacon, smoked sausage, garlic, onion & oregano

  • Rucola

    with tomatoes, cheese, Parma ham, rocket & oregano

  • Prosciutto e Funghi

    with tomatoes, cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms & oregano

  • Pizza bread

    with fresh garlic & Parmesan

All pizzas are also available in small format! 


  • Champignons, Paprika, Pfefferonie, Maize, Olives, Anchovy, Artichoke, Egg

  • Pineapple, ham, salami, scharfe salami, tuna, cheese

  • Bacon, Mozzarella, Shrimps

  • Parma ham

  • Putenfleisch (approx. 150g)

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